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Over 10 Years Experience

Entreprise C.P.I. Inc. provides expert fire prevention consultation, specifically with regards to the preparation of emergency plans and inspection of automatic sprinkler systems.

Due to our high quality of service, Entreprise C.P.I. Inc., has been contracted by many well-reputed organizations. From the Granby Zoo to the Université de Montréal, we provide unique, quality service to all types of diverse enterprise.

Our personnel, members of A.T.P.I.Q , are engaged in an ongoing process of training and education. This commitment to excellence and continually improving our methods allows us to maintain our standard of quality and ensure your security.

Top Quality Service

Various Services Provided

Entreprise C.P.I. Inc is under constant development to allow us to meet all of your fire protection needs. We now offer the added service of fire drill planning and support.

Sprinklers Inspections

Why ?

  • Ensure your automatic sprinkler systems are operating properly.
  • Discover and repair sprinkler deterioration or interruption as the result of breakage or negligence.
  • Assume your responsibility as owner to provide adequate maintenance of automatic sprinkler systems.
  • Protect your personnel, your investments and your property.

When ?

  • Standard N.F.P.A. 25 and certain insurers (check with yours) require a minimum of four inspections per year
  • Municipal fire protection organizations and the National Fire Code of Canada recommend an annual inspection (NFC of your wet system pour (with a complete report) and an inspection before winter (to drain the low points to avoid freezing (NFC and in the spring for the dry systems.

Why Choose

Entreprise C.P.I ?

Standard N.F.P.A. 25 requests an inspection be carried out by a qualified technician. Entreprise C.P.I. provides:

      • A qualified fire prevention technician to inspect your systems and, if necessary, recommend corrective measures to provide better protection of your personnel, users and your property.
      • Complete reports/ratios your systems inspection as required by standard N.F.P.A. 25, as well as a Certificate of Inspection.

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